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Case Study: Natalie Arthur

August 26, 2021
/ by 
Josephine Nesbit
Case Study: Natalie Arthur

Atlanta-based agent, Natalie Arthur began her real estate career in 2017 but her experience with the industry started long ago, while she was a real estate investor. Working with so many agents, Natalie learned first hand what it was like to be a client and used those learnings to create an authentic style for her work.

She focuses much of her time understanding the individual needs of her clients and being open to trying different tools and approaches. She has many satisfied Atlanta clients who are quick to recommend her. “All my clients tell me that they feel like they're the only clients that I have. And that's a good compliment,” Natalie shares. It’s especially important in such a hot market.

Having the upper hand in the Atlanta market

There’s no shortage of competition in the Atlanta housing market. While this hasn’t slowed down Natalie, nothing could have prepared her, or really any agent, for the fiercely competitive seller’s market we’re experiencing across the country.

Atlanta has been one of the hottest real estate markets in the country for several years. Rising home prices make it a great time to sell a house in Atlanta, but buying a house is a different story. “It's been crazy,” she says. “Not a lot of homes are on the market and as soon as one is listed, it goes within 48 hours or less.”

Part of the issue is a real lack of inventory. Atlanta area housing inventory dropped 33% in July 2021 from the previous year. New listings are also down 2.8% from July 2020 and down 3.7% from the previous month. The month’s supply over the last 12-month period remained at 1.3 months! In a balanced market, there would be around a six-month supply of homes.

Getting clients’ offers in the door is difficult for any Atlanta agent right now, but Natalie has been using a secret weapon—RibbonCash.

Game-changing cash offers

With RibbonCash Offers, Natalie’s buyers have been able to make the strongest offer in real estate—cash. With Ribbon’s backing, Natalie’s clients can also guarantee a closing after the inspection period. “Ribbon is in a class by itself. It helps me get things done quickly and having a [Ribbon] team of people makes everything so efficient and much faster,” she says. 

Not only has Ribbon helped Natalie’s clients make the strongest offer possible, but our program has helped in situations where a typical deal would have fallen through. Recently, one of Natalie’s clients had a tax issue, but Ribbon stepped in to purchase the property and reserved it for her client until financing was secured and the tax issue was taken care of. Ribbon was there to help through every step of the transaction and without it Natalie’s client could have lost their dream home. “Since then, I've been locked into it. I just love it.”

Before using RibbonCash Offers, Natalie was competing with other buyers going tens of thousands of dollars over the listing price. Now, having a cash offer, with no contingencies attached, is enough to get her offers accepted. While her client’s offer may not always be the highest, she still wins often because she can guarantee that the seller will get the amount being offered in cash. “And that hits it out of the ballpark.”

Written by: 
Josephine Nesbit