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How Ribbon helps Buying Agents

July 21, 2021
/ by 
Mackenzie Kruvant
How Ribbon helps Buying Agents

By combining digital offer workflow software, powerful all-cash home financing programs, and white glove customer service, Ribbon has solutions for every home buyer and home seller. Buying agents, in particular, are in a unique position to really benefit from Ribbon. This is especially true in the current market—where multiple offers are table stakes and large corporations are buying up inventory with all cash offers that make the buying experience stressful and upsetting for local, community buyers. This is how Ribbon can help buying agents.

Ribbon Boost

As you know, in such a hot market, the ideal offer is all cash. In fact, some sellers aren’t even looking at buyers who are coming to the table with a mortgage. This has put you and your clients in a hard spot, as it hasn’t been a realistic option for every client—especially as homes are now going for more than asking price. That’s why we created Ribbon Boost.

Ribbon Boost turns your client’s offer into all cash, so they can compete and win in multiple offer situations. It is contingency-free, comes with an Appraisal Protection, and guarantees closing after an accepted inspection. So you can eliminate barriers, lower risk, and slash timelines. It’s a more certain option, which makes it great for first time buyers, multiple offer situations, and simultaneous closings.


Ribbon Reserve

Ribbon Reserves offers all the benefits of Ribbon Boost and allows your client to move in right away. Ribbon will purchase the home on your client’s behalf. Your client moves their family in, pays rent until they get financing, and purchases the home back from us for the same price we purchased it for. This gives clients a piece of mind in a normally very stressful situation. They have a secure timeline if they’re selling their home, they don’t have to stay in a hotel room (or with parents) between homes, and they can move quickly.

In fact, we can close within 14 business days, which makes it great for buyers who are buying from out of state for new jobs or to be near family. It’s also great for buyers who are looking for a way to eliminate the need to sell their current home first. They’ll get up to six months to sell their home and we can strengthen financing terms, upgrading FHA/VA/USDA and conventional financing terms to cash.


Ribbon Rescue

For clients who are already under contract, we offer buying agents an extra tool. Ribbon Rescue allows Ribbon to step in and rescue the closing on your clients’ behalf. It’s great for financing or home sale delays, as clients can move in right away and get extra time and flexibility to secure financing. We’ll close within 14 days and reserve the home, so your client can move in immediately, and get up to 6 months to secure financing.


Ribbon Hub

As you can see, Ribbon is here to help empower clients and agents. While the products listed above are financial offerings, Ribbon Hub, our new iOS app, is workflow focused. It streamlines your process, so you can spend less time with mountains of paperwork and more time building the type of relationships that lead to full commission. You'll be able to work directly with clients and listing agents in one place and can autofill, send, and edit offers—all on the go. Any offer. Not just a Ribbon Offer. Right now, the app is available in North Carolina, but it will be rolling out to all our markets soon. So keep an eye out!

In the meantime, want to learn more about how Ribbon can help your specific clients? Check out our website or if you're signed up, schedule time with your Ribbon advisor to chat more.

Written by: 
Mackenzie Kruvant