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RibbonHub: Where agents collaborate on winning offers

March 30, 2021
/ by 
Haley Samuels
RibbonHub: Where agents collaborate on winning offers

We started Ribbon to empower agents with the best tools, to help level the playing field for all homebuyers. This is just the next step and can be used on any offer, not just a RibbonCash offer.

As record low interest rates continue to push homebuyers into the housing market, multiple offer situations have gone from a “sometimes” to a standard practice. This produces an increased pressure on listing agents to compare, select, and negotiate on the perfect offer for their clients—often going through the process for dozens of clients at once.


That's why we launched RibbonHub — the place where agents collaborate on winning offers. We started Ribbon to empower agents with the best tools, to help level the playing field for all homebuyers. This is just the next step and can be used on any offer, not just a RibbonCash offer.


Here’s how it works and how it can help eliminate workflow frustration and the wasting of valuable time.


The New Buying Agent Experience:  Make Offers on the Go

In a seller’s market every move matters. Especially now, a moment can be the difference in between winning or losing in multiple offers. RibbonHub allows buying agents to make offers on-the-go, from their phone or any computer, so that they can get their client’s foot in the door as soon as possible. Clients totally sold before even leaving the property? Put in an offer immediately from the doorstep. 


By answering a series of questions, RibbonHub will also automatically build offer documents and connect them to signing programs like Hellosign — standardizing workflow and modernizing the client’s experience. It will even auto-fill the signature boxes. It’s a simple, intuitive flow that will transform a long, detailed process into an easy step. So buying agents can finally move away from email and text messages, giving them more balance and organization. 

The New Listing Agent Experience:  Solving the Multiple Offer Revolution

Listing agents are flooded with offers—sometimes dozens of them—and left to organize and compare using multiple platforms. Getting it right means their clients get the best deal and the most streamlined experience possible.


With RibbonHub streamlining the offer comparison and negotiating experience has never been easier. Listing agents are able to collect and compare offers side by side and streamline their seller’s needs and questions. Whether the listing was made through using Ribbon or not, RibbonHub will allow listing agents to handle the offer workflow in one place. One program. Less frustration. Less wasted time. 


Listing agents are also able to share their work with clients, so they can give their thoughts and opinions in an easy to track system. The standardized process means the industry can move away from using spreadsheets and email systems that make working on the go difficult. Now any listing agent can easily collaborate and negotiate with multiple agents at once, until they see a clear winning buyer.


To make the winning offer even stronger, listing agents will be able to negotiate with buyers to upgrade them to a RibbonCash offer—in just a few clicks. With the ability to turn any offer into a non-contingent, all-cash offer, agents will be able to accept buyers who normally may not be chosen—leveling the playing field for all.


RibbonHub, Available Now

We started Ribbon to ensure homeownership is achievable for everyone. To do so, we must empower modern real estate professionals with tools that change the home buying and selling process. These steps allow agents to win and close more often and homebuyers and sellers to get the home of their dreams without the headache.

With the launch of RibbonHub, we’ve made collaborating on winning offers easier than ever. It’s the digital first experience agents deserve. It’s easy to use, accessible, and minimizes back and forth over dozens of applications. Plus, it can be used for any listing. We know there is no time to waste, so get started now with RibbonHub. Available for free for agents in North Carolina.



Written by: 
Haley Samuels