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Make an offer in minutes with Ribbon

August 9, 2021
/ by 
Mackenzie Kruvant
Make an offer in minutes with Ribbon

Winning a home in the current real estate market has become more difficult than ever. With dwindling inventory, high competition, and record low interest rates, it’s more important than ever to stand out. Ribbon wants to level the playing field, allowing worthy buyers to compete with large industry buying up properties in some of the United State’s hottest markets. There are multiple ways to get your offer in the door using Ribbon. Whether you’re interested in a RibbonCash Offer or submitting any type of offer, we can help.

Let’s start by discussing a RibbonCash Offer. RibbonCash turns your client’s offer into all cash and waives contingencies. We’ll even include Appraisal Protection to ensure you run into no snags along the way. Once accepted, our client can then move in right away and work on getting financing later. It is an ideal option for clients who would not be able to pay all cash otherwise and/or clients who have another home that they’re looking to sell and must time their sell and buy just right, to match bank’s loan contingencies. It’s the ideal leg up in a multiple offer situation, like the ones that have become table stakes in the last year.

RibbonCash Offers can be submitted through the Ribbon website or through our iPhone. It allows you to write and submit your offer in minutes, from anywhere—via either your phone or computer.

Have a client who isn’t interested in RibbonCash? We can still help streamline your workflow, by allowing you to submit any type of offer through RibbonHub. By answering just a few questions, Ribbon will automatically populate your offer documents while giving you the flexibility to edit on the go.  It will even auto-fill the signature boxes.  It's a simple and free tool that will transform a long, tedious process to write and submit offers into easy steps that take minutes — it will even auto-fill the signature boxes. It’s a simple, intuitive flow that will transform a long, detailed process into one easy step.

We know that lost time can be the difference between getting a home and losing it, so we built our app with ease in mind. It’s easy to understand, time efficient, and seamless, so you can get your offer submitted right away—whether you’re interested in turning your client’s offer into RibbonCash or any offer for that matter. 

Start by creating any offer here or see how RibbonCash can help by setting up a complementary phone call with your Ribbon advisor here

Written by: 
Mackenzie Kruvant