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Series C: Reflections from Ribbon’s Co-Founders

September 14, 2021
/ by 
Shaival Shah and Wei Gan
Series C: Reflections from Ribbon’s Co-Founders

Four years ago today, we came together to found Ribbon based on a soulful principle: to make homeownership more achievable for everyday buyers. Looking back, we’re happy to have remained true to our promise and our focus. 

In building Ribbon, we believed in the strength and knowledge of the real estate ecosystem - agents, lenders, and more - hard-working entrepreneurs who build communities and are the center of the home transaction. Disruption wasn’t our goal. We were rooted in empowerment.

Today’s raise of $150 million in Series C equity and working capital is a reflection of the agents and lenders who share that belief. 

It couldn’t have been possible without the dedication and passion of our teams in New York, Charlotte, and beyond -- who’ve helped thousands of people achieve home ownership in some of the most competitive housing markets in America.

With this funding, we can design, build, and launch more offerings, and hire and scale our team to deliver an end-to-end home transaction that brings certainty and simplicity home. And no matter the whims of the market, our mission will remain front and center: making homeownership achievable for anyone who dreams of it.

With gratitude,

Shaivah Shah, Ribbon CEO and co-founder

Wei Gan, Ribbon CTO and co-founder