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The top software real estate agents should use in 2021

January 21, 2021
/ by 
Haley Samuels
The top software real estate agents should use in 2021

From marketing software to digitized buying and selling tools, there is something for every step of your workflow.

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The market moved quickly in 2020 and it’s not slowing down in 2021. The good news is that there are plenty of tools to help you keep up with the pace, meet the demand, and close out the year with more commission than ever before.

From marketing software to digitized buying and selling tools, there is something for every step of your workflow. So how do you know which software will simplify your workflow without adding unnecessary steps? Easy, we’ll help!


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The first tech you need to have in 2021 is a CRM program that helps you organize your prospects and client info. CRMs generally store all your data in one easy-to-use database. This makes it easy to find the info you need to follow up at the right time. And, to convert leads into clients.  As a real estate agent, you have a ton of CRM choices. Here are the two we’d recommend:


1. BoomTown 


If you want a CRM program focused on lead nurturing and pay per click ads, BoomTown could be a great choice. BoomTown has a variety of features – like IDX websites, targeted lists, automated follow-up, high probability leads, and more. Plus, BoomTown can help you with paid ads (like Google or Facebook ads) and digital marketing (like search and display ads). So, with BoomTown, you get both traditional CRM features and marketing capabilities. 


2. Follow Up Boss


If you’re looking for great integration and a simple interface, Follow Up Boss could be the CRM program for you. Whereas most CRMs require you to use their IDX websites, ads, and leads, Follow Up Boss integrates with over 30 partners. This means you can continue using your other software along with Follow Up Boss. As a CRM exclusive option, their functionality and capabilities are unmatched and it’s a great user experience. 


Marketing Software

Good marketing is crucial to your success as an agent. Have good marketing? Have a full deal pipeline. The right tool can help you take your marketing to the next level. Here are the top real estate marketing software options: 


1. Breakthrough Broker


Breakthrough Broker is a free platform with tools that help with marketing, social media marketing, business planning, lead generation, and more. They offer free marketing tutorials and trainings, available to take on your schedule. They have templates for flyers, brochures, infographics, listing/buyer presentation—all free to use and print yourself. They even have resources to help with digital needs like Facebook advertising, social media graphics, listing posts, and engagement posts—just to name a few. They’re a one-stop-shop for everything you need. 


2. Keeping Current Matters 


Keeping Current Matters creates personalized real estate focused content you can use to attract prospects. And, this content can help you establish yourself as a thought leader prospects and clients should trust. With Keeping Current Matters, you can get access to blog posts, newsletters, guides, infographics, videos, and more to share across your social media platforms and emails. Helpful content for your clients, made for you.


Buying and Selling Tools

Today’s home buyers and sellers expect a streamlined digital buying and selling process. There are lots of tools to help ensure your clients have an experience to rave about. Here are the top buying and selling tools:


1. Ribbon 


Ribbon has two buying and selling tools. The first is their RibbonCash offer upgrade. This turns your client’s offer into all cash—eliminating financial contingencies and strengthening the offer. By using RibbonCash, your client will have more time to work on financing and be able to move into their new home and rent it from Ribbon.


Their second tool is RibbonHub, a software for the offer journey. This software is great no matter what side of the table you sit on. For buying agents, it allows you to submit offers, using auto generated offer documents, from anywhere. For listing agents, it allows you track and compare your offers side by side—whether the clients are using RibbonCash or not. All upside and time saved!


2. Zavvie


Zavvie is a complete seller solution platform. With Zavvie’s Offer Optimizer, you and your seller can explore all options for selling their home. While traditional offers work well for some sellers, they aren’t the best option for every seller. Zavvie makes it easy for you and your seller to consider iBuyer offers.  Backed by market specific data and unique technology, Zavvie connects agents and iBuyers to help agents provide the best experience for their sellers. 


Wrapping It Up 

The process of buying and selling homes has changed, so your workflow has to as well. Luckily with the above tools, you’ll have everything you need to stay nimble with the market and ensure your clients can get the homes they dream of.

Learn more about how Ribbon can help you excel in 2021. 


Written by: 
Haley Samuels