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How it works

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has a 6 hour underwriting goal and 7 days to be completely processed

Auto-qualify for Ribbon Buying Power

Your EHL pre-approval qualifies you to an all-cash Ribbon Offer up to your pre-approved amount.

Make winning Ribbon Offers

Ribbon Offers are 2x more likely to win, and receive an average of 5% discount off the purchase price.

Guaranteed move-in!

Once a Ribbon Offer is accepted and clears diligence, it is guaranteed to close, so you can start planning your move-in

Buy your new home with a Ribbon Offer

Ribbon Offers are guaranteed to close because we buy and reserve your home for you in case you need more time to get your mortgage.

Make a winning offer

Sellers ❤️ the certainty of a Ribbon Offer because it’s guaranteed to close. This is even better than investors who win with cash offers.

Save thousands

Because of the certainty it provides, Ribbon Offers receive a 5% discount, on the average, to the home price. $200,000 home = $10,000 in savings

Guarantee your move-in

If you need more time to secure your mortgage, move in and rent first. Once you get your mortgage, the home is all yours.