Everything known upfront
Designed for you

1. Get your Buying Power in 10 minutes

Our online application literally takes less than 10 minutes, without you having to sift through bank accounts or mounds of paperwork. You’ll get your Buying Power within 24 hours. Your Buying Power is a promise that we will buy a home for you up to this amount. No more gotchas once you are approved.

2. Make a Ribbon Offer on the home you want

When you’re ready to make an offer, we’ll work with your agent to help you make the best offer possible. A Ribbon Offer is guaranteed to close - Ribbon buys your home for you in case you need more time. Sellers ❤️ this.

3. Move in at close, no matter what

If you get your mortgage before closing, the home is yours! If you need more time to get your mortgage, no sweat. Move in and rent while you take your time to get your mortgage.

Need to sell before you can buy? Now you don’t

1. Buy your next home with a Ribbon Offer

Don’t make contingent offers that can’t win. Buy your next home with a Ribbon Offer that’s guaranteed to close.

2. Move in and rent while you take your time to sell

If you haven’t sold your home at close, move into your new home so you have the time and space to do any repairs on the home you’re selling. Take your time to sell at the best price.

3. Ribbon Certify your home to sell it more quickly

We’ll pay for your inspection and home value reports so you can sell your home more quickly. In the same way you bought your next home with an offer that’s guaranteed to close, you can sell your current home to a guaranteed Ribbon buyer too.

Common Questions

What’s the catch? This seems too good to be true.

There’s no catch. Know everything upfront including our pricing and what rent would be if you need time after the closing date to get your mortgage. But don’t take our word for it, hear from our customers how we’ve helped them secure their homes.

How does Ribbon make money?

We make money from our fee, which is 1.95 % of the purchase price paid by the Seller at closing.

How is Buying Power different from a lender’s pre-approval?

Lender pre-approvals or pre-qualifications are not promises to buy a home for you. They can fall apart and are conditional on many things such as you keeping your job, your financial situation staying the same. Ribbon’s Buying Power is a full approval. Once we have done our quick, fair valuation on a home, Ribbon is ready to buy a home for you with a Ribbon Offer up to your Buying Power.

How much more likely am I to win in a competitive situation if I use Ribbon?

97 % (Source). Sellers crave certainty, so Ribbon Offers are much more likely to win. Sellers often have to sell before they can buy their next home, or they need to sell for another reason. Because selling is so stressful and uncertain, sellers always prefer offers that are not contingent on someone selling their home or getting their mortgage.

What is an all-cash offer? Why is it preferred?

An “all-cash offer” is an offer to purchase a home where the buyer does not need a mortgage to buy the home. Sellers prefer this because mortgages take months to close and can fall apart due to a variety of reasons, including a buyer’s inability to sell their current home, their credit score going down, the house not appraising at the right value. “All-cash offers” can close quickly and are less likely to fall through. Because of this, sellers always prefer “all-cash offers” and often give the all-cash offers a discount.

What types of homes will Ribbon buy for me?

Ribbon is starting with homes that match the following criteria:

  • Located within our service area (Charlotte, NC right now. We are launching in more markets soon.)
  • Ribbon valuation range of $100K to $600K
  • Single family residential homes, typically 3 beds, 2 baths, with at least a garage
  • We’ll also buy some townhomes and condos that can receive traditional financing and allow for rentals.
  • Clear title held by the seller
  • At least 1,300 square feet
  • Lot size of less than one acre

Of course there are always exceptions, so please reach out at (704) 912-4290 if you want to make a Ribbon Offer on a home that does not fit this criteria and we will try to find a way to help you!

Questions about our Process

What is the process to make a Ribbon Offer?
  1. Get your Buying Power with a 10 minute application. We’ll get back to you within day or latest within 24 hours with your fully approved Buying Power.
  2. Let us know which home(s) you’re interested in.
  3. Make a Ribbon Offer with your agent. Technically, this means you submit a standard offer to purchase with A. an addendum that legally binds Ribbon to purchase the home in the case you, the buyer, can not on the closing date and B. your Ribbon Approval Letter with your Buying Power. Showing that you’re fully approved to make a Ribbon Offer on this home.
What’s different when I buy the home with Ribbon versus a normal mortgage?

You can make a Ribbon Offer which is guaranteed to close. Because it’s guaranteed to close, sellers strongly prefer it and you can win out in competitive situations and/or get a discount.

Ribbon is able to do this because we buy the home on the closing date in case you need more time. If Ribbon needs to purchase the home, you get to move in and rent with a 1 year lease. You have a 90 day right to purchase the home at the exact same price we bought it for. Once you get your mortgage, we’ll transfer title back over to you.

What if I get my mortgage before the close date?

You get to buy the home at closing! No need to rent. We were glad to help you win and secure your home with a Ribbon Offer.

What if I don’t have my mortgage by the close date?

Ribbon purchases the home first. You get to move in and rent. You sign a 1 year lease with a 90 day right to purchase the home at the exact same price we bought it for.

What if I can’t get my mortgage within the first 90 days?

You get to keep renting. You’re still on the 1 year lease. Ribbon would rather sell the home to you than to anyone else, so we’ll work with you if you need a time extension.

What if I decide not to purchase the home?

In this case, you are still in your lease and can continue renting and living in the home. Ribbon is not in the business of long term property management and may sell the home to another landlord. Because we take a lot of risk on the price of the home and transfer costs.

Why do I have to rent? I’m trying to become a homeowner.

Ribbon is able to turn your offer into cash because we promise to purchase it for you. As part of that, we in turn need you to rent from us in the case that we need to purchase your home to reserve it for you.

We’ve found most buyers love the fact that they get to move in and rent while they take their time to get their mortgage. This avoids the cost and stress of moving twice or a high month-to-month rent. Please let us know if this is an issue for you.

When can I move in?

You can move in right after the closing date!

How does closing work?

If you get your mortgage before close, you will close on the home like you would in any standard purchase. This means you will sign the necessary documents to make you the owner of the home and do the final walkthrough. On the close date, the transaction is recorded on the public record and the closing attorney distributes funds.

If you get do not have your mortgage on the closing date, Ribbon will purchase the home first and reserve it for you. Ribbon will handle the closing, but you are welcome to do the final walkthrough with us.

How does the final walk-through work?

If you get your mortgage before close, you’ll do the final walkthrough like you would in any other offer because you are buying the home.

If you get do not have your mortgage on the closing date, Ribbon will purchase the home first. As such, Ribbon will do the final walkthrough with you on the closing date.

Do you sell my data?

Absolutely not. Our business model is entirely based around our service fee.