Power up your offers with RibbonCash+

RibbonCash is already a stronger offer than mortgage-backed offers. Now, with RibbonCash+ you and your agent can write the strongest offer on the table and take advantage of your maximum buying power.

What’s RibbonCash+?

RibbonCash+ enables you and your agent to write highly competitive offers above and beyond the amount Ribbon estimates the value of the home to be in today's market.

What RibbonCash+ Provides

Write a Ribbon-backed cash offer up to the Max Ribbon Value.

Minimum offer:
Ribbon Value

Ribbon Value
Ribbon Value is Ribbon's best estimate of the value of the house in today's market

Max Ribbon Value

Max Ribbon Value
Max Ribbon Value is  the maximum purchase price Ribbon is willing to offer for a particular listing.

Appraisal Protection Coverage
Ribboncash Offer Range
RibbonCash+ offer range

When to power up with RibbonCash+?

In a multiple offer situation

RibbonCash+ increases your Ribbon-backed cash offer amount while receiving the same guarantee, certainty and protection.

When you’re looking to make a stronger offer

The market is always shifting. Having the power and flexibility to write the strongest offer provides the competitive edge to win.

Here's how it works


Turn an offer to cash.

Once you are preapproved, upgrade your buying power to cash.

How does preapproval work?

How does preapproval work?
Once you share your pre-approval with Ribbon, we’ll be able to back your offer with RibbonCash up to your pre-approval amount.


Ribbon does a valuation.

Ribbon will share the Ribbon Value and Max Ribbon Value on the home.


You and your agent make an offer.

If you and your agent would like to write an offer  above the Ribbon Value, your offer will be powered up with RibbonCash+.
Buyers can choose to pay the RibbonCash+ fee for coverage up to the Max Ribbon Value, or bring cash to pay at closing.

What is a home appraisal?

What is a home appraisal?
Loan officers use appraisals to determine how much to loan you for a home. A home appraisal is an estimate of the home's value conducted by a licensed or certified professional, often through a bank.

View detailed breakdown

RibbonCash+ breakdown

Ribbon provides homebuyers with flexible payment options when making higher cash offers using RibbonCash+.

Turn an offer to cash
Once you are preapproved, upgrade
your buying power to cash.
Ribbon does a valuation
Ribbon will share the Ribbon Value and Max Ribbon Value on the home.
Pay RibbonCash+ Fee
Your appraisal shortfall will always be covered up to the Ribbon Value. Choose how you want to cover an appraisal shortfall beyond the Ribbon Value.
If you opted into Pay Now

Pay a non-refundable fee in addition to the RibbonCash Fee. This could potentially offer significant savings to the buyer in the case of an appraisal shortfall. Payment is submitted in the Earnest Money Deposit.

If you opted into Pay at Closing

Bring cash to close to cover your potential appraisal shortfall at closing

Appraisal gap
Option 1:
You can always bring cash to close to cover the potential appraisal shortfall at closing.

Option 2:
Sign the RibbonCash+ agreement and pay Ribbon when a home sale or cash out refinance event occurs. You may also choose to pay Ribbon back early.
No appraisal gap
That's great! No additional RibbonCash+ fee is required.

How do I calculate the cost of a RibbonCash+ offer?

Use our RibbonCash+ Calculator to better understand our process and how we determine costs associated with making higher offers.

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