Freedom to buy before you sell

Get your new home today, sell your current home for the best possible price

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Every situation is unique,
Ribbon is designed for you

For first-time buyers

Buy with confidence

The most powerful offer in the market is a Ribbon Offer. All-cash and guaranteed - your offer moves to the top.

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Jason L

For buyers who need to sell

Freedom to buy before you sell

We buy and reserve your new home for you. Take your time to sell your current home for max value.

“Made it much easier to move into the new home & focus on selling the current home.”

Lisa R

Make a winning offer

We remove mortgage contingencies so sellers prefer your offer. Win with the power of cash

Save thousands

Ribbon Offers command up to a 10% discount based on your local market and home of interest

Guaranteed move in

Accepted Ribbon Offers are guaranteed to close because we are here to buy and reserve your home for you

Time is on your side

Secure your mortgage before or after you move in. Take your time to sell your current home

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Upgrade to the Ribbon experience

Bid with mortgage pre-approval

  • Bid with financing, appraisal, home sale contingencies which sellers don’t like
  • Bid and lose on several homes
  • Bid at or above list price for sellers to finally consider your offer
  • 45-60 days to close to wait for a mortgage
  • Risk until the last moment that your mortgage will fall through and you’ll lose your home
  • Your homebuying experience has gone from joy to stress

Add Ribbon to your offer

  • Ribbon Offers have no financing, appraisal, or home sale contingencies
  • Instant buying power and personalized home valuations designed just for you
  • Find the home you love and win immediately
  • Earn thousands of dollars in discounts for certainty you can provide yourself and the seller
  • Close when you want. In as little as 14 business days or as long as 6 months
  • Ribbon makes buying your new home the wonderful experience that it should be

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Find a home you love

Our team will provide you with a personalized home valuation before you make an offer


Make a Ribbon Offer

We work with your agent to design the most competitive offer for you

Success stories

“Ribbon has the ultimate goal of getting families into homes and helping families thrive. And I think that’s what they’re really in it to do.”

Lisa R