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The Home Buying and Selling Process Needs to Change

We are transforming how people buy and sell their home to the way people want it to be

Home buying and selling is complicated, time-consuming and stacked up against us. Families everywhere are having a hard time buying their new home or frustrated with the process of selling their current one. We think the system is old and unfairly balanced to institutional corporate buyers and investors. We believe people deserve better than that, and should demand an easy and predictable path.

Our Promise to Home Buyers

We will make you more competitive in the market, make your purchase more affordable and provide you with certainty of moving into your new home, on-time. We believe in driving homeownership, building communities and forming memories. This is the new way to buy.

Our Promise to Real Estate Realtors

We believe local knowledge is foundational to the home buying and selling process. We have created an open environment designed for realtors to bring this to your community. Combining the best local knowledge, powerful technology and access to capital is the new way forward. We have been hard at work to bring you a novel approach to certainty - We believe the process takes too long to buy in the traditional way and consumers are disadvantaged against cash-ready buyers and corporates. So, we step in to reserve your home if you need time to get your things in place. In under an hour, we can enable you with a guaranteed offer on a home you love. No markup in prices or loan requirements. We help buyers and sellers guarantee the transaction and keep the homes in our community.

Our Promise to Home Sellers

We will provide you with certainty, a fair price and speed in your home selling process. Our home is the largest financial investment that we have. We protect the equity in your home while reserving the home for people in your community. Having to sell to investors or wealthy individuals at steep cash discounts is the old way of earning certainty. This is the new way to sell.

Everything known upfront and designed for the user.

Please join us as we level the playing field and create a predictable path for buyers, sellers and realtors.

Company summary

Ribbon, a New York and Charlotte-based business, was born in 2017 with the mission of creating a level playing field and improving the experience for consumers and realtors in the home buying process. We are a group of passionate technologists, financial innovators and real estate experts. Our team has built market leading companies and overseen the purchase and sale of over 10,000 homes throughout our careers. We come from companies such as: LendingClub, Twitter, Spotify and Invitation Homes.

Based on our mission, we secured financing from top tier venture capital firms who shared in our mission to fixing the real estate transaction for the community. Our investors include Greylock, NFX, Bain Capital Ventures and NYCA -- the people behind incredible brands such as, Trulia, Airbnb, LinkedIn and DocuSign.

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We're headquartered out of New York City and Charlotte, NC. Come be a part of team that's changing the way people buy and sell homes.

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