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Ribbon believes that the most important allies and experts for everyday buyers and sellers are their real estate agents and loan officers. We aim to be your competitive advantage, not your competition.

We are built to work alongside agents and lenders.

Ribbon & Lenders

For lenders, we provide increased visibility and exposure to potential first-time homebuyers through our platform. By partnering with Ribbon, lenders can reach an even wider audience, and generate more leads.

We aim to help you and your client in the lending process by streamlining communication and documentation among lenders, homebuyers, and real estate agents. This efficient collaboration saves time and enhances the overall experience for everyone.

By using our platform, lenders can expand their opportunities, cater to a broader range of buyers, and turn more pre-approvals into funded loans.

Let’s get started!

So, how does RibbonCash work? It's simple! We offer a unique cash-backed offer that empowers your clients to make competitive, all-cash offers on their desired properties, enhancing their chances of winning in any market - no matter how competitive.

First, sign up. Ribbon then takes your client’s pre-underwritten pre-approval letter to determine the cash limit that Ribbon will back on a home purchase. This provides your clients with the certainty they need to make an offer, allowing them to competitively secure their dream home while their mortgage is processed.

Fund more loans

RibbonCash Offers increase your client’s chances of winning by 3x so you can fund more loans in less time.

Win more business

Earn more agent relationships by offering solutions for several buyer situations.

Make it your own

Partner with us to offer our programs as your own branded solutions.

Fund more loans via Ribbon-backed offers

In today’s competitive market, buyers are repeatedly getting declined and it takes longer to win the bid on their dream home.

Ribbon enables buyers to make powerful cash offers that are 3x more likely to win. Arm your clients with a Ribbon-backed offer and convert more pre-approvals in to funded loans.

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Set your clients up for success

Use your lender dashboard to easily begin the process of getting your clients ready to make RibbonCash offers:

  1. Add your buyer and upload their pre-approval in order to grant them access to Ribbon's cash
  2. Invite the agent to add properties and write the offer
  3. Track progress across your files

What everyone is saying...

Agents, buyers, and sellers alike all agree: Ribbon makes real estate simple and easy

My family’s experience with Ribbon was great! We worked with Mark and Jella, and both were so helpful throughout the process.

Our seller told us that the compelling cash offer we made via Ribbon was the reason she accepted, and it allowed us to buy and sell without having to move into rental housing in between.

D. Moore
South Carolina

The Ribbon Team has made the entire process streamlined and effortless.

It really helped us be less stressed, while being able to secure the home we love in a competitive market with a better offer. I would recommend and thank them!

D. Lile
North Carolina

It was a great situation, when a customer was not able to buy their dream home before selling their current home. They wanted a ground floor situation to retire to and they had to sell their current home to finance the purchase. They moved into their new home and in 8 weeks they sold their home and were able to get a mortgage for the new home for their retirement years.

B. Smith
Highgarden RE, NC

I've referred several clients to Ribbon Home and because of this program my clients were able to secure the home they desired.

Thank you

J. Savage

Everyone I've worked with at Ribbon were quick to respond, always willing & available to help. The teams effort & collaboration makes the difference in the process being a great experience for both the Agents & clients.

Thank you

N. Morgan
J Morgan Realty, NC
4.4 out of 5 based on 154 reviews