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The best agents are closing more deals with Ribbon

“They’re actually coming in and working with the real estate agents and brokers in a collaborative fashion rather than competing against us. And that’s been a real refreshing change.”

Cynthia Wiley, Real Estate Agent

“Transactions are going to be easier. There’s not going to be so much stress. And I think that’s where Ribbon is really going to make an impact.”

Scott Carpenter, Real Estate Agent

Turn every buyer into a cash buyer

Qualify your buyer in 10 minutes or less. Ribbon removes home sale, financing and appraisal contingencies. We do this by promising to purchase the home for your buyer in case he/she can not close in time

No more back-to-back closing issues

Your clients can buy their next home first, move in, and take their time to sell their current home

Ribbon Certify your listings

Ribbon pays for free inspection and valuation so you can turn offers into no contingency Ribbon Offers

See a Ribbon Certified Home listing

Get qualified cash buyer leads

As you close more deals, Ribbon will send you qualified clients who come to Ribbon and need an agent.

Stand out by marketing yourself as Ribbon Certified

Common Questions

Buying with Ribbon Offers

What happens if my buyer does not get their mortgage by the close date?

Ribbon purchases the home first. Your buyer moves in and rents from us. They’re in a 1 year lease with a 90 day right to purchase the home at the exact same price we bought it for.

What happens if my buyer closes their mortgage by the close date?

Your buyer purchases the home as per usual. Ribbon never owns the home.

What does this cost?

Ribbon is free for agents. We partner with you to enable your clients with the capital and technology to buy and sell with certainty.

It costs the seller 1.95% of the agreed purchase price paid at closing. If your buyer needs to rent, we charge them a fair, pre-determined market rent on the home. See our pricing page for details.

Does this affect my commission?

No. But you get paid more quickly and guarantee your closing. If Ribbon purchases the home, Ribbon pays your commission as though you were Ribbon’s buying agent. We will sign a buyer agency agreement on the property prior to close to ensure this.

How do I put in a Ribbon Offer for my client?

You’ll need to submit 2 documents along with the standard NC form 2-T:

  1. Due diligence addendum - Once diligence period is over, this legally binds Ribbon to purchase the home if your buyer can not, guaranteeing the offer closes.
  2. Ribbon Approval Letter - Similar to a lender’s pre-approval except it is a 100% approval and specific for this property. No more underwriting of the buyer or property is required at this point.

Get Ribbon Certified to use these. We can walk you through the details.

What is the process for becoming a Ribbon Certified Agent?

Tell us about your and your business in a 5 minute application on our site. Schedule a call with Ribbon and after we discuss on the phone and find that you’re a fit, you will become a Ribbon Certified Agent!

What agents can become Ribbon Certified?

We certify agents whom we believe will represent Ribbon well when sharing Ribbon with their clients. Most importantly, agents who understand what we do and see the value in how it can help their clients.

What if my buyer decides not to purchase the home?

In this case, your buyer is still in their lease, but Ribbon may need to sell the home to another landlord. As would occur with any standard transaction, your buyer would lose the Due Diligence Deposit (if applicable) and Earnest Money Deposit.

Selling with Certified Listings

Why should I certify my listing?

Ribbon runs a free valuation and inspection beforehand so qualified buyers get upfront certainty. As you get offers, turn them into no contingency Ribbon Offers so you can close quickly and with certainty. Ribbon also markets your home as Ribbon Certified to our qualified cash buyers.

What does it cost to certify my listing?

It’s free for now while we are beta testing this feature with a select few agents. Ribbon’s 1.95% fee is paid by the seller at closing. Sellers easily grasp the value of Ribbon’s guaranteed close.