Give your clients time and flexibility

With the freedom to buy before they have to sell

Agents often say ‘If it sounds too good to be true, then it must not be true,’ but in this case, it is.

Barry Wilkins
Allen Tate Wake Forest
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Introducing the first-ever no contingency real estate transaction

For first-time buyers

Upgrade to a cash buyer

We help your client stand out from the crowd with the most powerful offer on the market, all-cash. Compete in multiple offer situations and don't let a mortgage block your closings.

“Ribbon gave my clients peace of mind early on in the process, with no strings attached.”

Deb W

For buyers who need to sell

Freedom to buy before selling

Now your client can buy without selling first, move on their own terms, so you have the time to sell their existing home for max value. Get rid of back-to-back closing issues and close more listings

“I used Ribbon for an out of state client who was moving here for work without their home being sold yet”

Nancy C

Make winning offers

Ribbon Offers have no financing, appraisal, and home sale contingencies

Save thousands

Leverage Ribbon Offers to earn cash discounts for your clients to make their home purchase more affordable

Guaranteed move in

Accepted Ribbon Offers are guaranteed to close. We buy and reserve your client's home so they can secure their financing

Time is on your side

Your client can secure their mortgage before or after they move in. You now have time to sell their current home at maximum price

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The best agents are closing more deals with Ribbon

“They’re actually coming in and working with the real estate agents and brokers in a collaborative fashion rather than competing against us. And that’s been a real refreshing change.”

Cynthia Wiley, Real Estate Agent

“Transactions are going to be easier. There’s not going to be so much stress. And I think that’s where Ribbon is really going to make an impact.”

Scott Carpenter, Real Estate Agent

Ribbon’s Realtor advantage

Take Ribbon with you

Manage all of your Ribbon transactions from anywhere. Add Buyers, Properties or check the status of all your deals in real time.

Realtor profile page

An additional digital presence that allows home buyers to search for you on Ribbon and for non-Ribbon buyers to discover you online.

Dedicated account & transaction managers

You are assigned a dedicated account representative and transaction coordinator for each transaction to make sure the deal goes smoothly.

Ribbon is designed for speed

Buyers are approved and homes are valued same day


Buyer underwriting

Clients with pre-approvals automatically qualify or qualify through a 15 minute application


Home valuations

We will provide you with a same day professional home valuation. Ribbon backs our valuations with a cash offer


Make a Ribbon Offer

Ribbon Offers can close in as little as 7 days. We guarantee the close and we'll buy the home for your client so they have time to secure their mortgage

Empower your clients to buy before they sell

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Manage your clients' buying plans and prepare offers on the homes of their dreams
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