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Introducing Ribbon's Appraisal Protection

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Never worry about another appraisal

It's more difficult than ever to make a house a home in today's market.  Ribbon makes the possibility of homeownership a reality by offering contingency-free cash offers on your behalf.  But now they're even stronger. We now allow you to waive the appraisal contingency for all deals knowing Ribbon's got your back.

Now you can make your first offer your best offer with peace of mind, even if the home under appraises.

Connect with your dedicated Account Manager today and start writing the strongest offers in today's market: cash, no appraisal, and guaranteed to close.

How it works

Appraisal Protection

We'll value the home

We'll provide a Ribbon Max Value for the home which lets you know how much we can back your buyer with cash. You're protected up to this amount.

Win with a Ribbon Cash Offer

A Ribbon cash offer has no financial, home sale or appraisal contingencies.

Guaranteed Closing

If the appraisal comes in under the contract price, Ribbon will cover the difference up to the Ribbon Max Value.

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