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4 easy ways to prove your value as a Real Estate Agent

December 18, 2020
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4 easy ways to prove your value as a Real Estate Agent

Here are 4 ways you can ensure potential clients understand your value and see you as a very important member of their team.


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Real estate agents have always been the MVP of the real estate process, after all they are the experts! However, with more and more buyers and sellers using iBuyers and free listing platforms, potential clients are sometimes unsure of the benefits of working with a local agent from the start of their journey. Here are 4 ways you can ensure potential clients understand your value and see you as a very important member of their team.


1. Show the work

With so much home browsing happening online, it’s important to show buyers and sellers what you offer that they can’t do themselves while deep diving Zillow — all the work that happens behind the scenes that makes their journey easier and better. Working with sellers? Be clear about how you can leverage your network to market in a unique way. Maybe they won’t even need to market online! Working with buyers? Share your knowledge on the local level and how that knowledge will allow them to build the winning offer. Have you toured the home before with a buyer and know why their offer wasn’t accepted? Speak up.


2. Share your numbers

Another way to prove your value to buyers and sellers is to show them those numbers! Statistics are powerful and when you can say exactly how many times you’ve sold this year versus just that you’ve sold “a lot,” you build credibility and value that they can’t get elsewhere. How much have you made clients from selling above asking price? How many days on average have your listings been online? If you’re working with a buyer, tell them how many multiple offer situations you’ve won. Or, how much money you’ve been able to save your clients by getting them clients below asking price. Each of these numbers builds an undeniable case.


3. Use Technology

While some technology is your competition, other tech can help you provide an outstanding buyer and seller experience. The real estate industry has a reputation for being slow to adopt technology. Not you! Invest in technology that makes it easy and quick to sign offers digitally, preventing unnecessary in-person meetings, get a chatbot for your website that makes it easy to respond promptly to buyers or sellers.

The best type of technology does two things: 1. Eliminates unnecessary work for you and for your client, so it adds value to their experience. 2. Gives your clients a competitive edge. Ribbon can do both with. Our standard offer platform allows you to handle your entire offer journey from one app — for free. This minimizes emails and streamlines your client’s experience. And our cash offer can turn your clients’ offers into all cash, so they can make a winning offer in a multiple offer situation.


4. Share local knowledge

Buyers can find lots of information online, but there is nothing that can replace a local expert. Are there neighborhoods that don’t have cell reception? Is there a big condo that is about to go up and block the view the client saw online and was so excited about? The information you gather as part of your local community could save your clients and their wallet’s a real heartbreak.

You have tons of value as a real estate agent even as the internet continues to bring home-listing online. Don’t be afraid to talk it up! Looking for more help? We’re here for you.

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