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A special Thanksgiving success story

November 25, 2020
/ by 
Haley Samuels
A special Thanksgiving success story

This holiday season, Ribbon wants to take a moment for gratitude and to give thanks.

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The holiday season is always a time to take a moment for gratitude and to give thanks. This year it feels particularly important. We started Ribbon to make homeownership achievable for all. To ensure that families can get the homes they love. We recently received a story from a client that filled our hearts. It’s why we do what we do. We thought we’d share to remind everyone that we’re here to help—and it’s an honor to be able to.


Tennille Tillman and her husband, Richard, moved to North Carolina around four years ago, hoping to purchase a home as soon as possible. They’d concentrated on resolving debt matters ahead of time and focused on the betterment of their credit profiles, in hopes of eliminating any barriers to their dream. They found a home they loved and rented it, in hopes of purchasing quickly. However, they were shocked when the appraisal came back at $287,000, $27,000 less than the selling price they were asked to pay—$314,000.


They, understandably, felt discouraged. But not for long.


Soon they met an agent at Coldwell Banker. “She was our lifeline,” Tennille says. She introduced them to Ribbon. “On November 15th we were able to move into a new home we loved.” The best part? Ribbon was able to lease it to them for six months, so they could have more time to work on financing, while feeling comfortable and settled. Five months, and many memories in their new home later, their dream came true. The home was theirs for good.


“I recommend Ribbon to everyone that I speak to and testify how honest they are in what they offer. They gained my trust and kept it. No "double-talk" in their written agreements. If you have questions, they respond promptly,” Tennille shares. “I absolutely love them.” One person stands out for Tennille in particular, “Paula [their Ribbon Expert] was so professional and thorough that we grew a bond throughout the process,” Tennille recalls excitedly. She loved her experience so much that she’s planning a gathering with Paula for when it’s safe to meet in person!


“Everyday when we come home or when we're just relaxing, we cannot begin to express how immensely grateful we truly are. Thank you Ribbon for your honesty, integrity, and professionalism! Even more so, thank you for helping us to purchase our forever home. No more renting. No more moving. It’s ours!”


Thank you, Tennille and Richard, for sharing. Thank you to all of our agents and buyers and sellers. Thank you for putting your faith in us and for letting us do the work we love.


Written by: 
Haley Samuels