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Case Study: Eric Hill

January 21, 2021
/ by 
Haley Samuels
Case Study: Eric Hill

Eric Hill shares his tips for growing a successful real estate business and how he stays ahead of the curve.


Eric Hill’s first introduction to the real estate business began at the age of 18 when he bought his first home in Atlanta. After getting his real estate license in Georgia in 2005, Eric continued to work his day job as a middle and high school teacher while working as a realtor on the side. This is when his love for real estate began to blossom. 


By the time Eric moved to Nashville in 2010 with his wife and children, he was doing real estate full-time. In Nashville, Eric shifted his focus and pursued his other passion, education, the field which earned him his doctoral degree. Ten years later, Eric left his corporate job as an education director and went back to what truly made him happy — real estate. So, we asked Eric to share his tips for growing a successful real estate business and how he stays ahead of the curve. 


1. Use Your Unique Experiences to Your Advantage

Eric’s background in education, real estate, leadership, and other entrepreneurial ventures are what make him unique. “All of that kind of shapes me to be uniquely me,” he says, “And I bring those experiences to the table.”


Those experiences helped shape the businessman he is today. He takes his clients’ best interests at heart and gets to the bottom of what they really need. “I pride myself in listening to what they say they want — diagnosing what they really need,” says Eric, “And then helping my clients get there. I take pride in seeing that come full circle.”


2. Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Real estate isn’t your typical nine to five job. The demands that come with the business can be rough. According to Placester’s Life as a Real Estate Agent Survey, only 22% of respondents work fewer than 30 hours a week while nearly half work 40 hours a week or more. Real estate professionals who overwork themselves can quickly run out of fuel and become susceptible to burnout.


The biggest challenge Eric has faced as a real estate agent? Time. “It can completely take over your life if you want it to or allow it to,” he explains, “[you can] make as much money as you want to make in this field, which is both a gift and a curse. With it comes a lot of investment in time and energy.”


Eric quickly learned the importance of having a balance between his work life and personal life — he has a lot on his plate! Because of finding that balance, Eric is not only a successful entrepreneur, but he has also started writing a book along with being a proactive father to his four children. 


3. Have a Growth and Learning Mindset and Be Open to New Technology

As a full-time entrepreneur, Eric learned the value of having a growth and learning mindset. He claims that this has been the key to his success as a real estate agent. To stay competitive in today’s market, Eric tried something new with his clients. 


For his buyers, it meant coming in strong with an all-cash offer and waiving home sale contingencies. The odds of winning a home sale contingency in today’s competitive market are low. Using Ribbon to remove that has drastically increased Eric’s competitive advantage. For his sellers, it meant helping them coordinate buying their dream home first before selling. 


“It just made sense. It filled a gap that was there, and I was losing some deals,” says Eric. By using Ribbon’s flexible all-cash offers as his competitive edge, Eric has been able to save deals that otherwise would have fallen through. Trying something new is what put his clients into their dream homes and brought him more business success.


“As the industry continues to adapt and unfold, new technology and new companies like Ribbon are emerging and bringing solutions to the table and solving problems that maybe we didn't experience before,” Eric explains. Ribbon has allowed Eric to stand out in the Nashville market, where he continues to grow his real estate business and thrive as a full-time entrepreneur.



Written by: 
Haley Samuels