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Case Study: Tammy Gutti

September 9, 2020
/ by 
Nicolette Chao
Case Study: Tammy Gutti

Buying agent, Tammy Gutti, uses Ribbon to increase her client’s odds 2x of winning in a multiple offer scenario in the competitive Charlotte market.

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Tammy Gutti grew up in a small beach town in Florida and relocated to Charlotte 7 years ago. 2 years later, she became a full-time real estate agent with Keller Williams, and now, she’s busier than ever. In the last 12 months, she and her team have already completed 60 home transactions. And 95% of her business is coming from referrals.

As a buying agent, Tammy has seen many buyers struggle to find a house in the hot Charlotte market. In the past few years, Charlotte housing inventory has decreased by nearly 20% due to big companies, like Lowes and Honeywell, bringing thousands of jobs to the area. While the rapid economic expansion is excellent for the fiscal health of the city, it means more people are competing for a smaller number of houses each year, and buyers often encounter multiple offer situations. And when sellers have their pick of offers, they often turn down ones with contingencies or price bids below asking, causing a problem for clients, who require financing (and thus financing contingencies) to purchase a home. Then she found Ribbon.


Anytime I can use Ribbon, I do. Every situation is different. And, sometimes there’s no option, except Ribbon, to make things work. I will definitely keep referring clients in those situations that Ribbon is there and help them take advantage of it.”


Increasing the Odds of Winning

Tammy never wants her clients to have to go through the heartache of missing out on their perfect home. With Ribbon, Tammy’s clients can put in a contingency-free, all-cash offer on a home, without having the resources to pay for the house in all-cash—increasing their odds 2x of winning in a multiple offer scenario. “The biggest advantage is having that quick close, all-cash offer that Ribbon gives us the option to use,” Tammy says, “Because there’s such low inventory, a quick close and not having to do an appraisal is a big advantage sellers see in this market.”

Ribbon Cash Offers has also helped her clients who have struggled to secure financing. If Tammy’s clients find a home they love, Ribbon will buy it for them in all-cash with no contingencies. And Ribbon will rent it to her clients until they can qualify for a loan to buy it back. So, even financing challenges don’t stand in the way of Tammy’s clients winning their dream home.

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Overcoming Financing Struggles

Ribbon was hugely helpful for one particular client of Tammy’s who owned a masonry company and needed to buy additional business equipment shortly before closing on the perfect house. This last-minute purchase changed his financial standing and disqualified him from purchasing this home until he could file taxes in 6 months and prove he had enough income to afford it.

Without Ribbon, he would have lost his dream home. But, “Ribbon stepped in, and he rented for 6-8 months before finally closing,” Tammy said, “And, he never would have gotten that home if Ribbon wasn’t an option.” Using Ribbon also meant that he didn’t have to waste time and money going through the house-hunting process again when he could qualify – saving him thousands.


Making Charlotte Home

Tammy runs her business the same way she does everything – with integrity, persistence, and care. She values every client. So, she is busier than ever, even during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Although Tammy always finds the perfect property for her clients, it’s often a struggle to win it in the competitive Charlotte housing market. Between low inventory, multiple offers, and financing challenges, her clients sometimes bid on several houses – without winning a single one. Now that Tammy has the option to use Ribbon Cash Offers, she can increase her client’s odds of winning their dream home without the stress and ensure they have time to see all Charlotte has to offer.


Written by: 
Nicolette Chao