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Ribbon Employee Spotlight Series: Aleks Guzik

April 25, 2022
/ by 
Mackenzie Kruvant
Ribbon Employee Spotlight Series: Aleks Guzik

Behind every successful Ribbon story is a team working and rooting for you. In our Employee Spotlight Series you’ll meet members of that team and learn about their time at Ribbon and their relationship with homeownership. Today we start with Aleks.

Q: What is your role at Ribbon?

A: Customer Experience Manager

Q: What parts of the Ribbon mission do you connect with?

A: Learn. Teach. Grow - it is imperative that we are listening to our agent/lender community to build a product that helps the existing real estate ecosystem. Real estate has been around for many years and Ribbon is not trying to disrupt this. We are providing tools to make the traditional real estate transaction less stressful for all of the parties involved. 

Q: What has been your favorite memory at Ribbon?

A: So many! We work hard and play hard! It is important to have fun while building this amazing company. Prior to Covid, we would celebrate opening up a new market by having a company wide offsite in that city. We spend a lot of time learning about the new markets behind the scenes and we always want to make sure that we connect and introduce ourselves with our agent/lender community in person as well! 

Q: What has been the most challenging part of your job?

A: Covid affected so many things in our lives, from personal day to day to work experiences. It has been very hard not to see your teammates in the office and Zoom is just not the same. I am hoping we can all see each other sooner than later!

Q: What is the biggest challenge facing homeowners today?

A: Buying a home right now feels like winning a lottery. No inventory, multiple offers on the table, and forget about your “must haves”. Our program allows buyers to have more of a competitive edge and helps them bring back some of the power in the home buying process. I used Ribbon myself twice in this crazy market and the second time around I was the lowest offer on the table. The seller decided to pick my offer because of Ribbon. I was able to remove appraisal and financing contingency and guarantee closing past the inspection period. Who wouldn’t want to accept such an offer?! 

Q: Is there a person / family you’ve helped in your time at Ribbon that stands out or moved you?

A: My neighbors reached out to me about helping them get into their new home. They were ready to find a home with a big back yard for their 3 dogs. The price point they were looking at is very competitive and there were 30+ offers sitting on the table. I helped them understand the program and how to use it to make sure they won the bid and they did! This was last year, (June 2021) and to this day I am still getting pictures from them enjoying their new backyard along with their furry friends.

Q: How do you think using Ribbon impacted your own homeownership journey and timeline compared to if you did not use Ribbon?

A: The second time around using Ribbon, I submitted my first offer and the first house I looked at I completely fell in love with the neighborhood. That type of inventory doesn’t come around often and I ended up getting the offer accepted being the lowest offer on the table. I didn’t have to drive around searching and submitting offers for months. The closing was smooth and on time. I will make sure to use Ribbon for all of my home purchases in the future. 

Thanks so much for your time, Aleks!

No problem.

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Written by: 
Mackenzie Kruvant