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What it means to receive a RibbonCash Offer for the Listing agent

June 11, 2021
/ by 
Mackenzie Kruvant
What it means to receive a RibbonCash Offer for the Listing agent

As you know there has been an increase in investing firms buying up homes in hot markets—cities like Atlanta, Charleston, and Charlotte are seeing it all over. Getting one of these all cash offers can be exciting for your seller. But, market data shows that it’s more likely to fall through, which can put the home back on the market—not a great look and a total pain for you and the sellers.

More importantly, does selling to a big firm really help the health of the market in your area? Is it supporting the community and bringing in worthy homeowners? We know that it’s hard to say no to the highest offer, but it’s not always the best offer. An offer from Ribbon, however, is the best. And here is why.

No contingencies for a more sure sale

We started Ribbon to help create a better residential real estate journey for both sides of the negotiation. We do this in a few ways. One is through our RibbonCash Offers. This offer turns a buyer’s offer into all cash so that we can minimize barriers for both the seller and buyer. When a buyer uses RibbonCash it eliminates financial contingencies and we guarantee the closing after the inspection period. These mighty differences ensure a more sure sale for your client and a more sure commission for you.

Appraisal protection

In fact, we’re so confident in our buyers that we offer Appraisal protection. Here’s how it works. First we’ll value your client’s home. We’ll then let the buyer know the Ribbon Max Value for the home, so the buying agent knows how much cash we can back the buyer with. We’ll protect up to this amount. That’s it. No renegotiations needed post-appraisal. One less thing to think or worry about.

A guaranteed closing

Another reason a Ribbon offer is the way to go is that we can guarantee the exact closing date so you can focus on your next move. We don’t come with a bank’s rules about selling before you buy, so our buyers are ready to move in and you can sell on your timeline. Move out right away. Take a little bit of time. A timeline that sticks. A closing date you can bet on.

We want to ensure the home buying and selling process is as enjoyable as living in a home you love so much. If you want to learn more about how we can help, let’s chat.