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Ribbon believes the most important allies and experts for everyday buyers and sellers are their agents and loan officers. We aim to be your competitive advantage, not your competition.

We are built to work alongside agents and lenders – always.

Ribbon & Agents

Today, agents face challenges from iBuyers and others, who increasingly compete in markets around the country. At Ribbon, we firmly believe that agents are indispensable experts to everyday clients looking for their dream home.

Ribbon’s innovative Cash Offer program allows you to go toe-to-toe with iBuyer and other competition: submitting competitive cash offers on properties on behalf of your clients, providing an advantage in any market.

With RibbonCash, your clients can stand out among other buyers - including iBuyers - and eliminate contingencies, waive financing hurdles, and gain an undeniable advantage over other bids with the power of cash.

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So, how does RibbonCash work? It's simple! We offer a unique cash-backed guarantee that empowers your clients to make competitive, all-cash offers on their desired properties, enhancing their chances of winning in any market - no matter how competitive.

First, sign up. Ribbon then takes your pre-approval, which is your client’s cash buying power. This provides your clients with the cash they need to make an offer, allowing them to competitively secure their dream home while their traditional mortgage is processed.

No more delays

A RibbonCash Offer offer is guaranteed to close on time. Never delay your sale again and free up capital for the next project.

Attract more offers

Ribbon removes the home sale contingency so that it’s much easier for  existing homeowners to make an offer on your property.

Rescue a closing

Already have a closing that’s at risk? Ribbon can step in to purchase the home to ensure the deal doesn’t fall through.

Sell your new homes with certainty

Ribbon backs new home buyers and removes all contingencies so the deal doesn’t fall through. Now you can guarantee the closing will occur on time and move on to the next project.

What is a RibbonCash Offer?

A cash offer backed by Ribbon that is guaranteed to close following the inspection period (including required repairs).

See how we compare

Guaranteed to close after inspection period*
No financing or home sale contingencies
No appraisal contingency
Close in as few as 20 business days
Move in now, get up to 7 months to repurchase
Use with any home**
buyer closing
Ribbon closing
Traditional Sale
*If Ribbon steps in to purchase the home, Ribbon requires certain standard repairs to be completed prior to closing.
**Not available in all locations. Subject to terms and conditions, as well as eligibility requirement

What everyone is saying...

Agents, buyers, and sellers alike all agree: Ribbon makes real estate simple and easy

My family’s experience with Ribbon was great! We worked with Mark and Jella, and both were so helpful throughout the process.

Our seller told us that the compelling cash offer we made via Ribbon was the reason she accepted, and it allowed us to buy and sell without having to move into rental housing in between.

D. Moore
South Carolina

The Ribbon Team has made the entire process streamlined and effortless.

It really helped us be less stressed, while being able to secure the home we love in a competitive market with a better offer. I would recommend and thank them!

D. Lile
North Carolina

It was a great situation, when a customer was not able to buy their dream home before selling their current home. They wanted a ground floor situation to retire to and they had to sell their current home to finance the purchase. They moved into their new home and in 8 weeks they sold their home and were able to get a mortgage for the new home for their retirement years.

B. Smith
Highgarden RE, NC

I've referred several clients to Ribbon Home and because of this program my clients were able to secure the home they desired.

Thank you

J. Savage

Everyone I've worked with at Ribbon were quick to respond, always willing & available to help. The teams effort & collaboration makes the difference in the process being a great experience for both the Agents & clients.

Thank you

N. Morgan
J Morgan Realty, NC
4.4 out of 5 based on 154 reviews