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Our Culture

A community of creators and builders

They say that buying a house is one of the most stressful experiences Americans will have in their lifetime. The process is confusing, time-consuming, and nerve-wracking. Unfortunately, it also often prioritizes wealthy corporations over honest, worthy people and their families.

It's more difficult than ever for agents to get their clients in the door and for real people to win. It doesn't have to be this way.

Together we create the future

Our team is inspired by and push each other, working collaboratively to create a new set of standards. We learn, teach, and grow with one another.

Our values

Set New Standards

Our mission requires a new way forward. We start from first-principles to be different, creative, and bold. Big or small, we create new norms.

Build Together

We are one team, one mission, creating vibrant communities of belonging. We unite in our passion and collaborate with optimism, integrity, and trust.

Learn, Teach, Grow

What we confront will be hard and struggles are natural. We honor victories and celebrate the effort, mistakes, and learnings needed to progress our mission.

Collaboration is a huge part of working at Ribbon. All of the engineering teams work closely with growth and ops throughout the product development lifecycle, from gathering feedback on initial product ideas to rolling out new feature releases.
Nicole Hedley | Product Engineer

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