Rescue your closing

Save your closing from falling through

Don't let financing or home sale delays get in the way of your closing

Invite Your Agent
Close quickly

Ribbon can close in as few as 14 business days giving you the time and flexibility to secure financing.

Never move twice

Have a home to sell? Ribbon can remove the contingency so you can either time closings back-to-back or move into your new home while you take the time you need to sell your existing home.

Dedicated support

Our experienced customer support representatives will be with you and your agent every step of the way to coordinate the close and secure your dream home.

Don’t lose your dream home to contingencies

If your existing home hasn’t closed on time or you need more time to secure your loan, Ribbon can step in and close with cash so you can secure your dream home.

Cash solutions for every situation

Ribbon Rescue

up to 3.25%* + rent

Already under contract? Ribbon will step in and rescue the closing on your behalf. You can move in right away and get the time and flexibility to secure financing.

* If Ribbon reserves the home the Ribbon Reserve pricing applies. If the home is already under contract the Ribbon Rescue pricing applies. Pricing varies by state, see our pricing page for more details.
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