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Guarantee your closing date

Why accept an offer that may not close?

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Attract and accept cash offers

Ribbon will back interested buyers with cash offers that have no home-sale or financing contingencies.

Guarantee your closing date

Following an acceptable inspection, closing is guaranteed, so you can move onto your next chapter with peace of mind.

Move on your timeline

Negotiate the perfect closing date. Whether it’s 2 weeks or 2 months, Ribbon’s guarantee kicks in so you never have to worry about last minute closing delays or cancellations.

Attract cash offers with guaranteed closings

Ribbon removes the uncertainty in the home-selling process.  If the buyer of your home is unable to obtain financing or backs out due to an issue with an appraisal or home-sale contingency, Ribbon will be there to guarantee closing on closing day. This means you get to make your next move on your timeline, guaranteed.

How it works

Example seller timeline

Offer accepted

Ribbon backed offers are all-cash and non-contingent.

Ribbon's Offer Addendum provides the closing guarantee.

Inspection period

Following an acceptable inspection, closing is guaranteed.

Guaranteed closing

We purchase on behalf of the buyer -OR- the buyer obtains financing with their lender of choice and Ribbon ensures closing happens on time.

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Close in as few as 20 business days
Guaranteed closing after the inspection
No financing and home-sale  contingencies
Receive the best market price
Guarantee the home goes to a local family
Traditional Sale
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